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  • Get medical attention right away!

          Serious injuries can be obvious right after the accident or the injuries could take time to appear.  It is                       important to see a doctor, even if you think your injuries are minor.

  • Notify your insurance company.

          You should notify your insurance company about your accident.  Before discussing the accident and your               injuries with the other driver's insurance company you should first consult a Connecticut car accident                     attorney. 

  • Get a copy of the police report. 

           If a police officer reported to the accident, they will write an accident report.  You can obtain a copy of the             accident report at the police station. 

  • Call a Connecticut Car Accident Attorney. 

          Call our office and we will answer your questions and help start the process for you to get                                           compensated.  Call now at (203) 274-6021.


Steps To Take After The Accident 

Auto Accident Attorney

Dominick M. Angotta is a skilled Auto Accident Attorney.

A top car accident attorney can help you recover for your medical bills and lost wages if you or your loved ones have been injured from a car accident. 

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